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Curtain LED display


      Curtain LED Display Screen



Model No: HSR-Curtain 

Category: LED Curtain Display Screen

Color: Full Color 1R1G1B DIP Lamp

1. The curtain LED display screen decorates your buildings with attractive images and videos.
2. It offers better video performance at a lower cost.
3. The curtain LED display screen is super lightweight with air flows for the building.
4. It offers simple installation by easy connection.
5. Power and data cables managed.
6. The curtain LED display screen is a standard modularized structure.


No. Items HSR-Curtain P37.5 HSR-Curtain P31.25 HSR-Outdoor P20
1 Pixel Pitch(MM) 37.5 31.25 20
2 Pixel Composition 1R1G1B                  2R1G1B
3 LED Encapsulation Type DIP346 DIP oval546
4 LED Chip Sizes 12+13+13(RGB) Epistar+Silan
5 Pixel Density(Dots/M2) 711dot 1024 dot 2500 dot
6 Module Size(MM) 300 X 300 250 X 250 320 X 160
7 Module Resolution(Dots)    8 X 8                16 X 8

            The curtain LED display screen is used on building walls for outside advertisements, decorations, etc.

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  Outdoor models:P10 P12 P16 P20 P25